The Last Lending Management System, you will ever need

For years, Our Lending system has been perfected to give you the absolute best in terms of performance and scalability.

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Doing the heavy lifting, so that you don't have to

Superlender is an Integrated, General purpose, Web based, Digital and Micro lending system built to scale. Our program does the heavy lifting so that you can focus on growing your business. Some of the key features include

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE The current version can handle a loan book of Ksh. 1B per month on a with minimal computing resources
  • SOPHISTICATED Equipped with dozens of tools and features built over the years, Super lender automates most of the business processes
  • FULLY INTEGRATED It comes with mobile money, SMS, USSD and other integrations for you to just plug and play

Superlender is currently running in 11 Lending institutions ranging from startups to big enterprises with a Billion shilling loan book. WIth superior features and unmatched performance, our platform is the better choice for institutions of any size.

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Our Lending System will help you beat your competition, on all fronts

We take pride in offering a solution that focuses on operational excellence, efficiency, user experience and visibility to the end user. Whatever features you have seen on our competitor's products, we have certainly done better. We call it the Superlender difference

  • 01 Super charged

    Superlender has enabled one of our clients grow from 10M loan book to processing over Ksh. 250M worth of loans per month while using only 30% resources of a 16GB 8-VPU intel server. It is set to process close to Ksh. 1B worth of loans with the current resources. All our clients enjoy a 99.99% uptime

  • Superlender is one of the easiest to use systems in the market. It comes with helpful highlights, easy navigation and extremely informative real-time dashboards

  • Superlender is currently running in 10 companies each with diverse needs and offering a wide range of products. With super customizable modules, you can set-up any number of products, design new reports or add form fields straight from the frontend

  • With rich features and unmatched user experience, you might wonder how expensive our software is. You will be surprised to learn that we offer some of the most competitive prices. With a Buyout and Subscription model, you have the freedom to choose from buying out the system or paying a monthly fee of as low as Ksh. 20,000.


Rich Features, Superior Functionalities

Superlender is jam packed with features and modules that comprehensively manages every aspect your lending business. We also ship new features and modules on a weekly basis

Customer Management

Our system enables you to manage customer bio data, secondary data, referees, collateral, documents, business information e.t.c.

Loan Management

Enables you to manage loans, loan products, approval stages, permissions, addons, deductions e.t.c.


With interactions, you can capture communications with customers and record PTPs and followup dates


Send promotional and reminder messages to clients straight from the dashboard

Group Loans

This is a new feature that helps you offer loans for groups and facilitates collections and allocations for the members

Asset Loans

Another relatively new feature that enables you to offer assets on credit and easily manage the repayments

Basic Accounting

Our accounting module offers a easy interface showing the general position of the business in terms of income for a given period of time

Staff, Groups and roles Management

You can manage Roles, groups and permissions that ensures that every member is viewing only what they are permitted to and takes only actions they are allowed to


Our APIS enables you to interface with other applications e.g. Mobiles apps, USSD apps, SMS shortcodes, Mobile money, CRB system e.t.c.


We have 2 pricing models. The first model is off-the-shelf purchase which involve purchasing the system and its source code (We do the initial customization for you). The second model is a Software as a service (SAS) which involves using our software and paying a monthly fee starting from Ksh. 20,000 P/M. Please contact us for a quote

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